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The 6th Gulf Engineering Meeting Doha - Qatar

26th - 28th March 2002

In sponsorship of His Highness the royal Prince of Qatar Sheikh Jasem bin Hamad, Qatar hosted the 6th Gulf engineering meeting that was set in Doha between the period of 26th - 28th March 2002 under the title “the Gulf engineers and the manners of profession development”. The meeting safeguarded a group of decisions with the aim of developing the Gulf Engineering works.

One of the most marked decisions that were taken was the establishment of a General Secretariat with the recommendations of Engineer Youssef Ali Abd Al Rahim the General Secretary, he will make the law and make the Gulf engineering association to be final. One decision to their forum is they decided that the Qatar Engineering Association will introduce and provide the G.C.C. countries with professional aesthetics and will approved the practicing engineering profession.

It was also decided that the Saudi engineering committee will establish a gulf project to pursue the profession over placing a schedule to carry out the accomplishment of the project and establishing new data base for all the consultant offices. They begun to classify that Kuwaiti engineering group will host the 7th gulf engineering meeting in the year 2003 and the main subject of the meeting would be the unification of the specification of the gulf engineers.

The Seminar and Technical Committee

After the opening ceremony the seminar started accompanying forum works that were held under the slogan “the gulf engineer and ways to developing the profession” the committee sent a volume of artistic meetings and the number of pages grew to 600 from which were forced to send a special supplement reminder of work papers that overcome 60 pages from which the organizers were forced to conclude the sittings of capacities for the activities of the meeting.

The book of the forum contains the paper of Hisham al Imadi, Chaiman of the technical committee, where corroborated the necessity of continuation of the Gulf Engineering meeting.

The official Meeting recommendations and decisions

By the end of the seminar there was an official meeting were the following decisions and recommendations were discussed:

After the 5th engineering meeting which was held in Sultanate of Oman in February 2001 became official, the participating engineers displayed their decisions and ideas around the different activities, it was agreed that these decisions would be given out every year in the

Gulf Engineering meetings as it was also decided on the following points:

I. The projects

1. A unified gulf project to pursue the profession

The Saudi Arabian committee took note of the ideas and decisions made during the 6th Gulf engineering meeting and amends the whole project and offering it to the Gulf engineering Association in order to discuss the final draft of the project.

2. A unified project for the classification of engineers

After going through the points and ideas discussed in the discussion meeting during the 6th gulf engineering meeting the following decisions were made:
The reliance of the project with measure of the following modifications:
1. The reliance of the grades as set (3 grades)
- The classification and number of years are as follows:
An engineer.
A professional engineer (4 years).
An advisory engineer (15 years).
2. A unified test and the classification would be done between the councils of classification.
3. The formation of the classification council depends on what they respond to the council.
4. Advising the Kuwaiti engineer association to straighten out the suggested study:
i. According to above decisions
5. The exhibition of the project becomes complete by October 2002.
6. The final decision would be made in the 7th gulf engineering meeting in Kuwait.

3. The project of engineering rules

The project was finished and it was relied on being presented after it was reviewed by societies hence place it on the internet so the gulf society of engineers could edit and distribute it.

II. The place, date and subject of the next meeting

According to the invitation of the Kuwaiti engineers and according to the sequence of the meetings in the gulf, the next meeting would be held in Kuwait in the month of February or March in the year 2003 and the slogan would be “uniting the engineering qualities” and it would include discussions and ideas and projects mentioned before.

III. The suggestions for improving the contract

It was agreed on the decisions of Kuwait about improving the contract and appointing a secretary general and errands of the general coordinator and the formation of sub committees in the following way.

1. The Secretary-General

The engineering council nominates secretary general for 2 years with the option of renewing the contract once.

The Responsibility of the Secretary-General is as follows:
1. The continuation of the meeting decisions.
2. The preparation of the meeting agenda and the preparation for its congress by the coordination with the sides concerned.
3. The continuation of the activities of the committees and the presentation of reports.
4. The continuation of the conferences and seminars by co ordination with the general coordinator.
5. Making communications with the gulf engineering which is related to the engineering work.
6. He will be the representative in all regional, local and international official meetings.
7. A continuation of the information covering for the news and the efficiencies and the Gulf meeting activities and committee
8. The continuation of a carrying out the plan of the gulf engineering meeting.
9. The suggestion of a plan for the gulf engineering meeting.
10. Preserving the files and the registers and the lectures of the gulf meeting.

2. The General coordinator

The Responsibility of the coordinator is as follows:
1. The preparation to straighten the activities and efficiencies of the coming meeting.
2. The continuation of seminars and conferences
3. The coordination with all the activities in the gulf engineering meeting

3. The formation of the Gulf Engineering Meeting Committee
1. The committee is responsible for the qualifications and evaluation
2. The coordination between the associations regarding the evaluation of certificates from colleges and institutes.
3. The generalization of the university lists of the universities and the institutes relying on the engineering corporations.
4. The exchange of the experience and the information's between the committees related in the engineering corporations.
5. The placing of a Gulf main office to evaluate the engineering qualifications.
6. The committee of the training and the conferences’ responsibilities
7. The exchange of experiences, information and programs between the engineering corporations.
8. The coordination of the training programs according to the engineering corporation.

4. The decisions of the meeting

As the participants took the decisions:
1. The recommendation of Engineer Yussif Ali Abd Al Rahim where the Kuwaiti gulf association offers the financial and administration needs.
2. The Kuwaiti association of the engineers would be a place for the committee to evaluate the engineering qualifications.
3. The Bahraini association of the engineers would be a place for training and conferences.
4. The host country holds the presidency of the committee which takes the invitations for the meetings.
5. The committees meet at least twice annually.
6. The period of the committee is indefectible.
7. The period of the committee members is 2years.
8. Each committee has a working plan.
9. The gulf engineering meeting seem to host other committees
10. The secretary-general begins the coordination to approach the committees and invitations for the 1st meeting.
11. As the agreement became complete, at the end of the meeting some merits were:
The establishment of a team made from the Bahraini association of the engineers and the Saudi advisory committee to look into placing an end to the prize of the gulf engineering meeting
Appointing the Qatar engineers to direct the project of moral ethics and a practice of engineering in states of the Arab gulf council and this by the utilization from what is available for the Bahraini and Kuwaiti engineering corporation and whatever was sent in the previous gulf engineering meeting.
Appointing the general coordinator to prepare a draft and suggestion of the contract after some modifications and displaying it for the institutions and Engineering Corporation and the members in the meeting to rely on the final formula in the coming engineering meeting.

The recommendations of the sixth gulf engineering seminar
1. The immediate decision to unified gulf systems to classify the engineering profession before the 7th gulf engineering meeting.
2. The strengthening of the researches and the studies attached in the revolution of informatics and the transfer of technology to exercise the profession.
3. The formation of a team formed from the Saudi engineering corporation and the Bahraini engineering corporation to place a final award for the future engineering meetings.
4. Establishment of main office in the gulf to evaluate the qualifications and the utilization from collective Kuwaiti engineers in the engineering field of international evaluation.
5. Appointing the Qatar engineering meetings to offer a project of a moralistic contract for the engineering practitioner of the engineering professions in the gulf.
6. The interest and the setting up of programs of the training and the continual rehabilitation for an integral special plan, that includes engineering success and the administration of the product and modern ways to change and modify projects.
7. The effort to complete the procedures for establishment and the show of the Qatari association of engineers.