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Surveyors Committee

The Surveyors Committee was established to seek growth and development of the surveyors and to value their professional ethics. The committee encourages the study of surveying and to continue developing their professional expertise. They provide their members professional guidelines to have proficiency in their duties, professionalism and dedication in their duties. The committee also encourages the public to be engage in surveying and attain it as their profession or occupation. They facilitate to regulate and promote the surveying profession.

Objectives of Surveyors Committee :

1 Advancement of the relationships between all the surveyors in the UAE by providing forum to exchange their different views and ideas and have mutual interest.
2 Provides professional development and performance by conducting seminars, training courses and conferences.
3 Develop guidelines and high standards for professional ethical practice.
4 Encourage active involvements of the surveyors with the government and private sectors as well as the international Surveyors associations.
5 Tenders advice about issue related to land, property, construction and other related issues.
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