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Civil Engineering Committee

The Civil Engineering Committee was developed to encourage and initiate collaboration between all the Civil engineers working in the UAE. The committee gives more awareness of the importance of Civil Engineering in building the future of one country. The committee deals with all aspects of Structural engineering, planning, construction, design, monitoring and inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation and taking into consideration the technical, social and environmental aspects. They render technical advices on solving some civil engineering issues and problems. They promote the continuous development of civil engineering practices and professional skills by giving lectures, presentations, training courses and seminars. They continue to strive to serve the civil engineers with the latest frontier of high quality services.

Objectives of Civil Engineering Committee:

1 Promote collaboration among all the civil engineers and all those who are concerned with civil or structural engineering field to exchange knowledge and professional experiences.
2 Encourage and organize training courses, seminars, technical and scientific researches for the continued development of their professional expertise throughout of their career.
3 Give awareness about the responsibility and roles of civil engineers towards the needs and future of our society.
4 Support the advancement of technology in civil engineering to enhance the quality and competitiveness of civil engineering works.
5 Fostering the high ethical standards of practice in civil engineering.
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