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  • Eng. Dawoud Al Hajri
    Eng. Dawoud Al Hajri
  • Eng. Abdulla Yousef Al Ali
    Vice President
    Eng. Abdulla Yousef Al Ali
  • Eng. Mohamed Mashroom
    General Secretary
    Eng. Mohamed Mashroom
  • Eng. Hessa Al-Harmi
    Eng. Hessa Al-Harmi
  • Eng. Salma AlMaamari
    Board Director Member
    Eng. Salma AlMaamari
  • Eng Sulaiman Al Hajri
    Board Director Member
    Eng Sulaiman Al Hajri
  • Eng. Ahmed Bukhash
    Board Director Member
    Eng. Ahmed Bukhash
  • Eng. Nasser Abushahab
    Board Director Member
    Eng. Nasser Abushahab
  • Eng. Rayed AlArashi
    Board Director Member
    Eng. Rayed AlArashi
  • Eng. Tareq Bin Deemas
    General Manager
    Eng. Tareq Bin Deemas