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Expert Evaluation

Society of Engineers Goals

- Regulate professional standers & specification, developing skills & qualifications for all UAE Engineers.
- Encouraging art professional courses in all engineering fields. contribute to the development & progress of the local industry ,engineering,construction in cooperation with governmental entities
- The development of scientific and technical cooperation and the alliance between the engineers in UAE with their colleagues in the Arab Gulf countries& foreign countries
- Holing lectures &sessions& organizing field trips and exchange of information between the SOE and their counterparts in other countries
- Provide engineering consultancy services

Qualifying & Evaluating Expert Center

Our Motto

Preparing an expert engineer, qualified and certified locally and globally.

Our Goal

Qualifying experts in authorities and official accreditation.

Preparing and training experts course consists of 6 training programs ,within6 weeks. It includes educating experts in engineering fields .Analysis and investigation of cases in the foreground study. Writing reports about the. cases .

Experts should pass the exam

  • Exam

  • Written

    Consists two Parts

    60Multiple choice questions to measure understanding of cases analysis & conclusion
    A real Case with 5 questions to measure way of writing report & ability of scientific analysis

  • Oral

    Consists of 5 parts

    Evaluating Knowledge
    Investigating & analyzing
    Contracts Management
    Case Management
    Writing Report

Engineering Experts Classification


- Candidates must have at least 5 years experience in a special engineering field including at least 2 years of experience in UAE & 1 year of experience in contracts management.
- Expert Engineer class( c) can work in cases that the value of contracts is no more than 25 million dirhams


- Candidates must have at least 10 years experience in a special engineering field including at least 5years of experience in UAE &3 years of experience in contracts management.
- Expert Engineer class( B ) can work in cases that the value of contracts is no more than 100 million dirhams


- Candidates must have at least 15 years experience in a special engineering field including at least 6 years of experience in UAE &5 years of experience in contracts management.
- Expert Engineer class( A ) can work in cases with no limitation in contract value.

Arbitration and Alternative Methods Center

The Mission

Creating engineering arbitrators to be qualified and certified locally and globally

  • Chairman

    Eng. Rayed Al Arashi
    Eng. Rayed Al Arashi
  • Administrative Structure

    John Younan
    Abeer Adel
  • Planning Committee

  • Executive Committee

  • Eng. Khaled Shuhail
    Eng. Khaled Shuhail
  • Eng. Zakaria Abdul-Aleem
    Eng. Zakaria Abdul-Aleem
  • Eng. Abdullah Alamry
    Eng. Abdullah Alamry
  • Dr. Nabil Shehadeh
    Dr. Nabil Shehadeh


Head Manager

Eng. Rayed Al Arashi

Council Board Member & Chairman of Arbitration Committee, Society of Engineers – UAE
Drilling Planning & Performance Team Leader
Drilling Division

Eng. Rayed is a highly qualified petroleum graduate with extensive technical, operational and troubleshooting skills and a committed team player with broad organizational and inter-personal skills. He holds an MBA in Procurement Management, is a Certified Project Manager, and has over 18 years of experience in planning and execution of complex major projects as he has led several billion-dollar schemes in Oil & Gas services sectors.

He works for major oil & Gas Company in which he contributed his knowledge and experience to develop a systematic unmanned program to capture normal event sequences within process, managed services contracts, plans and develops contracts requisitions, scope and value of required services, and technical specifications. As a leading company representative, he directed the team by planning and prioritizing activities and resolving operational problems to achieve the company objectives safely and efficiently; Reviews, project-realignment, claims, negotiations and resolutions.

Eng. Rayed was appreciated on handling numerous major projects and awarded the Level 3 Award in Leadership by Institute of Leadership & Management.

Eng. Rayed chairs the Arbitration Center and is an active council board member of the Society of Engineers-UAE. In his role at the society, Eng. Rayed works as mediator/arbitrator on the cases presented to SOE, was nominated by the board as a representative to several international events, has successfully aided bidding to host international conferences such as the FIDIC Congress and World Tunneling Congress; Presenting SOE –UAE locally and internationally.


Planning Committee

Eng. Khaled Shuhail

Eng. Khaled Abdullah Shuhail is Arbitrator & Expert in the Engineering Field; He Previously serves as the Counselor of Ministry of Public Works. Eng. Khaled conducts a pioneering work beginning in 1981. He directs and coordinates the daily operations of his department and set specific goals for each division, he describes their goal clearly to his staffs and sees that the goals are met. He is responsible for the overall strategic planning and direction of the organization. He previously serves as the Vice Manager in Sharjah Municipality for Technical Affairs, Manager for Central Area in Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Manager for Educational Building Department in Ministry of Education and Manager for Excellence and Auditing Department in Ministry of Public Works and Housing. Beyond the significant amount of time as being the Counsellor of Ministry of Public Works and Council Board Director of Society of Engineers - UAE, Eng. Khaled Shuhail is also engaged in a number of professional ventures. He is widely known as Accredited Expert Arbitrator and Chairman of the Arbitration Committee in Society of Engineers - UAE. Eng. Khaled is the Owner and Managing Director of GESECO Engineering Consultants where he manages a full responsibility for the two offices in Sharjah and Dubai.


Planning Committee

Eng. Zakaria Abdul-Aleem

Eng. Zakaria Abdul-Aleem, Born on 1948, Bsc. in Civil Engineering. Msc. In Civil Engineering from Alexandria University, Diploma in Law from Faculty of Law – Ain Shams University, Author of a book titled "Trend of Arbitration in Construction Disputes", Presents many researches and Work Papers in International Conferences, many of his articles published in magazines and professional periodicals, Engineering Expert and Accredited Arbitrator for Courts and Financial Prosecutor's Office in Alexandria, Cairo Regional Center for International Arbitration, Dubai International Arbitration Center, Abu-Dhabi Conciliation and Arbitration Center, Ras Alkheimah Commercial Arbitration Center, Gulf Consolidated Countries Commercial Arbitration Center, Ain Shams Law Faculty Arbitration Center , Ministry of Justice in UAE and Dubai Courts. Instructor on Fidic publications, Construction Contracts & its Legal Bases, Construction Projects management and Commercial & Engineering Arbitration. Member of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb.) - UK, Member of foundation committee of CIArb. In UAE.


Planning Committee

Dr. Nabil Shehadeh

Dr. Nabil Shehadeh has MSc in Construction Management from Leeds University and a PhD degree in Construction Law from Leeds University. He has 2 Diplomas: one in Arbitration and one in Water Engineering. He is a Civil Engineer by profession. He has more than 20 years of experience in many aspects of project management and contract administration particularly cost management and claims management. He has extensive experience in many forensic delay analysis techniques, including critical path Time Slice Analyses, As-Built But-For analyses and Impacted Planned and As-Built methodologies. He has experience with a broad range of construction issues and disputes, as well as a large variety of public and private construction projects in both Europe and the Gulf Region. He handled construction disputes and claims up to the range of AED 100 million. He graduated as a civil engineer in 1982 and has long filed experience in claims, planning and costing which are supported with strong academic background. He has grasp of both theory and practice in all aspects of claims and project management. He is the President of OQUOD, a leading Contract and Project Management consultant offices in UAE.