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News Details
25 May 2017
SOE - UAE Tunneling Chapter

Since the establishment of the Society of Engineers in the UAE (SOE - UAE) in 1979, it seeks to provide the best services to its members, in order to achieve excellence in the engineering field in UAE. Among the important achievements of the engineering sector in UAE, the establishment of the Tunneling Chapter of the United Arab Emirates, by its chairman Eng. Sulaiman Al Hajri, concurrently with the occasion of presenting SOE - UAE as a member of the International Tunneling Association (ITA), which allows UAE along with (ITA) to spread the culture of tunnels in the country, and promote projects based on the use of the underground spaces, such as railway projects, which the Dubai Metro project is the most important railway project at all, and for that, the UAE's Tunneling Chapter organizes the Arab Tunneling Conference, hosted by UAE every year, and it’s the most prominent event in tunneling in the Middle East, which has achieved great success in previous versions since its inception, to be the gateway for UAE to host "World Tunneling Congress - Dubai 2018", the most prominent forums in the field of tunneling in the world, and it’s the first time for this huge event to be hosted in UAE, and even in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. Eng. Sulaiman Al Hajri, chairman of the tunneling chapter, confirms that the tunneling chapter is doing its best through their relentless pursuit, in order to develop the concept of the use of underground space, and the expansion of the tunnels projects, so as to achieve growth and sustainability in the United Arab Emirates.